DoClick Solutions providing 5+years of services on Development and Training. This is the place where students can experience the knowledge of software. Here we are to take through a successful IT career and guide the students to enhance them to apply their software skills in real time projects. We train them to bring out the knowledge to develop projects and execute them successfully.

As per the industry demand we are providing training on “Open Source Technologies” like JAVA, J2EE,PHP, MYSQL, ANDROID, PYTHON and WEB2.0 is technologies that are applied by programmers to develop high end software’s. Any technology can be applied only if it is learned conceptually i.e. a learner knows what it is, how it should or should not be used, what advantages it provide, where it can be applied etc. Conceptual Training and Software Application is the main objective of DoClick Solutions.

Our Policy

We are following the below rules and regulation.

  • Office is implemented by centralized WIFI Connection.
  • Communication should be only ENGLISH inside office premises.
  • Report the class on time.
  • Mobile phone should be in Silent mode.
  • Assignments should be get complete on time
  • Online test will conducted by every week on Aptitude, Analytical and Technical